The Cutting Edge

We pride ourselves on being at the industry's cutting edge of everything from pre to post production. No matter the project... TV, Film, Web and everything in-between, we at Double Dag Productions have the tools, but more importantly, we have the skills to make it happen. We travel the country to bring the best to your front door.

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"Mr. Bacharach-White and I met each other under one of the highest pressure productions in my career. He is talented, very experienced and willing to experiment and play in order to, not only get the job done, but to bring a high level of creativity to budget limited projects... I hesitate to fully recommend his services because it might mean he'll be too busy next time I want him in the seat next to me. But I am selfish - go for it! He will not let you down"

                - Iake Eissinmann

“Working with Double Dag Productions has been such an awesome experience for me. They are truly wonderful artists and make the people they work with shine!”
— Jimmie Van Zant (Musician/ Southern Rock Royalty)

A Quick Word About Us

Our team is passionate about what we do. We love our jobs and the amazing people we work with. It makes us very happy to have them return to Double Dag with new projects and new challenges that push us to heights we only dreamed of... we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Now for the boring stuff.........      

In 1999, owner Ben Bacharach-White began his work in the TV, video and film industries specializing in post production and directing. Since then he has Directed/Edited television series, countless infomercials and commercials, music videos, features, and a number of critically acclaimed feature length documentaries and stand-up comedy specials. 

Co-owner Tony Deemer has experience shooting reality, sports, documentary, music videos, commercials and features. Tony took part in the  Steadicam Workshop taught by Garrett Brown, Jerry Holway and Jay Kilroy. He is a member of Steadicam Operators Association, Steadicam Guild and the Society of Camera Operators and has produced work for some of the top corporations and networks in the country, including ABC and Ford Motor Company. 

There's still one more core member of Double Dag to introduce you to, Steve "Etchie". Certified in Final Cut since FCP5, Etchie is a large part of the post production team at Double Dag. Besides handling most of our effects and color correction, Etchie also travels with us as a skilled DIT (Digital Imaging Technician). He has spent much of his recent professional career working with Double Dag Productions, editing a television pilot, along with music videos and a documentary.

The Double Dag Productions crew produced "Grills Gone Wild: From Backyard to Backstage", which received rave reviews from critics and audiences, alike. We also developed a TV series, "Jimmie VanZant's American Detour" which took us around the country with southern rock royalty. Both of these productions consisted of 6 cameras and over 80 hours of footage. 

We have produced 3 music videos for Southern Rocker Jimmie Van Zant. The first is currently running on MTV, VH1, CMT as well as other smaller networks. Sony Records is set to distribute the other two in early 2013.

Well, that's us in a nutshell. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to having you  join us in our next adventure!

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