On Location or In The Studio

We here at Double Dag Productions have a long history of working in studio or on locations for all sorts of productions. From single camera shoots in a home, to multiple camera teams on location in the city or out in the country, we've done it all. We can supply you with a full production crew from PA to Director.

Have a small budget production? No worries! We work with productions of all size. Our highly skilled team can do it! What that means for you is that, instead of hiring a full crew, a two or three man crew can skillfully produce a high quality product for a fraction of the price!

Need a team that can travel? We frequently travel the country for productions, from Seattle to Miami, we've been there. 

Whatever your needs, they will not go unmet. Double Dag has the equipment, the skills and the experience to back it up. 

Post Production

Final Cut Studio, Avid, Adobe Master Suite... These days there seems to be a war going on in the post production field. In this war of NLE, we at Double Dag Productions like to think of ourselves as Sweden. To us, each has it's own strengths and weaknesses. No matter what your choice in software we got it and we're not afraid to use it. 

Worried about color correction? Don't be. Our experienced team can make the dullest video shine with color!

The Professional Look. Does your project require some special effects work, like After Effects or Mocha? No worries, we've got you covered. Our post production software is also backed up by Red Giant suites, the industries standard in everything from Keying, design, effects and more. 

Someone handed you awful green screen footage? Did you get back to the editing room and find that, what you thought was perfect lighting, turned out to be a complete disaster of folds, shadows and uneven lighting? Leave it to us. With our expertise and top of the line software we can fix almost any mistake!

Check out our Tools of the Trade page for a list of all equipment available for your production.

Pricing is based on individual productions, please contact us for more information.

Double Dag Productions has worked with numerous

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